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Proven Oil and Gas Prospect Lead Tool

Photogeologic Mapping, Satellite Image Analysis, GIS Data Sets Available, Geologic Data Conversion

Trollinger-Marsh Resources, Inc. & Hollberg Exploration LLC

Pioneers in development of Geomorphic / Structural analysis
Assisting successful energy resource exploration programs around the globe. 
TMR / TGA maps provide an inexpensive tool to quickly evaluate large areas or local areas with new, fast moving plays.


Company Profile

Trollinger-Marsh Resources, Inc. (TMR) , is an internationally known company specializing in photogeologic-geomorphic mapping using aerial photography and satellite imagery for petroleum and minerals exploration and development. The TMR staff includes a highly skilled team of geologists, engineers, cartographers and geotechnical personnel, each with between fifteen and thirty-five years of experience in producing geologic maps for exploration for oil, gas and minerals. John Hollberg joined TMR to map international regions primarily for Oil and Gas exploration. 

The proprietary photomapping and interpretation techniques developed by TMR and its predecessor company, Trollinger Geologic Associates, Inc. (TGA) are recognized as industry standards. TMR and TGA, over the course of numerous consulting projects, have used these photogeologic-geomorphic mapping techniques to map over 1.5 million square miles worldwide.   Their combined worldwide clientele include more than 200 major and independent exploration companies. In recent years, TMR has consulted for a number of developing countries in North Africa, Asia, and the Middle East as they looked to develop their natural resources. In one instance, TMR's work resulted in a major gas discovery; in another instance, TMR's studies resulted in a complete revision of the country's five-year economic and development plan.

TGA was once owed by Petroleum Information / Dwight's LLC. later was acquired by IHS Energy.  William V. Trollinger (founder of TGA) re-acquired  the TGA mapping back from IHS and it is now part of the Hollberg Exploration LLC & Trollinger-Marsh Resources Inc. data library.  Additional mapping libraries include maps from: TMR, Geophoto Services, Veezay Geoservice, Inc., and Amuedo & Ivey, Inc.  All mapping libraries are now part of the Hollberg/TMR data library.  

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