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VEEZAY Geologic Data Library:

Each VEEZAY Stratigraphic-Structural Studies consists of detailed stratigraphic field data, stratigraphic maps, structural maps, structural cross sections, and surface photo-geologic maps.  Each study is delivered on flash drives and include geo-referenced tiff images, and pdf files.

Selective deliverables in each study include:

  • Stratigraphic Outcrop sections.

  • Structural Cross Sections.

  • Geologic map sheets, scale 1:96,000 (1”=8,000’)

  • Color geologic compilation map 1”=16,000’.

  • Structural Contour maps at the scale of 1”=8,000’

  • Composite structural contour maps at the scale of 1”-16,000’,

  • Hydrocarbon source rock report consisting of thermal maturity analysis for selected outcrop samples.

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Veezay US Coverage
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